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Chiang Mai Girls Dine in Or Takeaway If you don't like the idea of a Soapy Massage and really just want to grab a girl and take her to the short time hotel then here are the places you've been looking for.On the Nightlife map of Chiang Mai these are the places marked with a blue pin.With more tourists moving into the city something had to change.The newest nightclub Safe House is likely to be the next place to be because if it's location.Walk into any of these places and the first thing you want to do is talk to the manager don't talk to the girls.Find out from the manager who will or won't do farangs and costs though costs are typically dictated by the girls standard fees are 1500 but they can start from 500 up depending on the place.There main areas of interest to Mongers exploring the nightlife of Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai Soapy Massage Parlors Sayuri Massage Parlor in Chiang Mai is one of the most well run with the most number of girls available in the city.Not that far from the old moat the Sayuri massage parlor pronounced Sa-Yoo-Ri (japanese) is an easy 1500 for regular girls timed by the hour however i recommend Celeb @CNX as a newer alternative.

The good thing about Chiang Mai is if you're not completely messed up walking around the streets at any time of the night is completely safe.

There rooms are not themed but are all perfectly apointed in 21st centure decor. These rooms are compeletly covered in mirrors as well.

Love Boat The love boat is a long time favourite short time hotel for dek sideline girls in Chiang mai.

It's not uncommon to see the girls hanging out the front waiting to either go in or get picked up.

Rooms start here at 140 baht by the hour but the rooms are all in good condition.

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