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People tend not to break up because they have an amazing relationship and never argue.But, if you’re thinking of drunk texting an ex or trying to rekindle old flames, you might want to reconsider – here are 11 reasons why sex with your ex is a bad idea.A weeks worth of tears over emotions you thought you’d already processed is a big trade off for an orgasm.It highlights that they’re not yours any more Especially when they refer to it as a ‘mistake’, ‘blip’ or ‘something we should keep between ourselves’ the next day.12 episode of the show, Finney shared a steamy moment in the waters of the Virgin Islands with contestant Jojo Bojanowski.

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The creep was seen shamelessly caressing his genitals by disgusted customers.

She recognized my name from when I ran for 2007 GSU homecoming queen. I couldn't believe there were two other girls who lived in Statesboro on the show. Mindy and I stayed in the same room, so we got to know each other well.

Callie and I became very close on the show, and we were even roommates in the mansion. Is there anything you want Statesboro audiences watching to know about the show? I was only on the show for a short time but I met a bunch of really awesome girls from across the US. Were you surprised to meet people with Statesboro connections on the show? Then Mindy introduced me to Madeleine, who is from Statesboro.

The hilarity ensues when the mothers spar off with their sons after dates, before dates, after competitions, before competitions and even after one mother decides to do something crazy like spy on her son from a helicopter while he is still on a date. She told me they were looking for a Southern belle, and that I was the first person she thought of. My first audition was in an Atlanta hotel, and we were miked and had to stand before video cameras, which made me that much more nervous. I was extremely anxious, and I had second, third, and even fourth thoughts about going through with everything.

My mom told me to do it because it was a great opportunity. About three weeks later, I received a call from NBC saying that they wanted to fly me to LA for final auditions. Once we were in LA, all of the girls were placed in a hotel and were given strict orders not to talk to anyone. Nobody can fully understand what it was like unless you were there.

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