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And with games like Infinity Blade, the i Pad's touch-based controls become an integral part of the game.

A Guide to the Best i Pad Games The i Pad really excels in the area of Movies and TV, with the ability to buy or rent from i Tunes, stream movies from Netflix or Hulu Plus or watch free movies on Crackle.

The i Pad can also perform a lot of the miscellaneous tasks often done on the laptop. And many people are surprised at just how little they use their PC after they buy an i Pad.

You can download a calculator, use the Notes program (which now has the ability to secure a note with your fingerprint), find a good restaurant using Yelp, and even use a level app to perfectly hang a picture on the wall. Let's not forget about all of the other social networks.

Whether you're using the latest Android phone or tablet, an i Pad, i Phone or Windows Phone, we've found the best apps.

From news apps and photo editors to fitness tools and first-person shooters, we've organized all the top apps by topic and platform in the column at left.

The Top i Pad Movie and TV Apps The i Pad makes a great music player, and it is as fully functional as the i Phone or i Pod.

You can even connect your i Pad to Facebook so that apps you download can connect to the social network and share information with your friends. Some people use proprietary software that is simply not available for the i Pad, but as more companies convert their platform to the web, it is becoming easier and easier to break away from Windows.

This list will go over some of the many uses for the i Pad, including ways it can be used for entertainment as well as tasks it can do for business.

The i Pad is extremely efficient at fulfilling our most basic computing tasks.

For others, it is whether or not to buy an i Pad at all.

If you are in the latter camp, or if you've just bought an i Pad and are still exploring the device, it might be handy to find out exactly what the i Pad can do for you.

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