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Following their divorce, she became an increasingly private figure - although she always remained on good terms with her former husband.

She closed her gift shop and was said to have begun to drink, although friends have insisted she was not an alcoholic.

The birth of a healthy baby Diana in July 1961 was marked with relief, but concern that there was still no heir for Althorp.

Troubled marriage Three years later with her marriage under strain at her apparent inability to produce a healthy son, Shand Kydd did her duty and gave birth to a boy - Charles.

‘They’re everywhere.’The Journal notes that Nat Geo has begun appealing to a growing subculture that has seen the past disasters – from last year’s tsunami and earthquake in Japan to riots to economic uncertainty – and have wanted to prepare the best they can.

Just a few weeks ago, her stepson Adam Shand Kydd, who was 49, died of an apparent overdose in Cambodia.

A son John was born in 1960 but the long awaited heir died just 10 hours later after what were said to be complications with his lungs.

When she found herself pregnant again, Shand Kydd kept it a secret, but tragically miscarried alone, not telling a soul until years later after her first husband's death.

Protected life In 1984, tragedy struck when Shand Kydd's troubled younger brother Edmund committed suicide and then, shortly after, her former brother-in-law the Conservative MP Sir Anthony Berry was killed in the IRA bombing in Brighton.

In 1988, she was left heart-broken when Peter Shand Kydd left her after nearly 20 years for a younger woman.

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