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Some moai look out towards the ocean, others are horizontal on the ground.

I saw one moai tucked in the crevice of a volcanic cliff.

Sunset over the bay is a beautiful thing and can be experienced at the funky La Taverne Du Pecheur.

Locals call the owner “The Angry Frenchman.” The two story restaurant features a small outdoor balcony overlooking the Hanga Roa bay. I staggered into the Iorana after nearly 25 hours of transit (Chicago to Miami, Miami to Santiago, six hour layover in Santiago and to Easter Island.) As I was checking in the owner told me about a new radio station in Easter Island. I heard zydeco-like music playing out from the station behind the front desk.

The tour reminded me of the depressing confines of a junket, so on the third day I spent 0 for a private half day tour with Jorge’Ahu Tongariki is the island’s largest ceremonial display with 15 moai, all of which have been restored.

It is where locals and tourists go for the spectacular sunrises.

(Antarctica is the most isolated place in the world and the surfers told me their best swells come from Antarctica.) The heritage name Rapa Nui was adapted in the mid-1800s, roughly translated as Rapa (island), Nui (large.) The island is a five and a half hour flight from Santiago, Chile. Easter Island is 2,150 miles from the west coast of Santiago and 2,500 miles east of Tahiti. You rent a bicycle and ride around the island terrain. If I wasn’t schlepping so many souvenir moai back home, I could have walked from my hotel to the airport.

Cargo and food are also shipped to the airport on the large planes out of the capital city of Santiago. More than 120 species of fish, especially mahi-mahi and tuna, are fresh out of the ocean. I had a memorable breakfast at Tupana, a breakfast and lunch pop-up in a trippy Volkswagen bus.

“Through her and making the (2006) movie ‘Hoot,’ my driver in ‘Hoot’ married a woman from Easter Island. Jo Anne said they wanted me to be a guest at their (annual February) cultural festival. I was headed there to figure out if this was true when I fell off the stage in Australia (in January, 2011).After several phone calls and e-mails I discovered Dr.Jo Anne Van Tilburg, not on Easter Island, but at the UCLA Rock Art Archive in Los Angeles.I was going to fly there on my plane to check it out.I’ve never been able to do it, but I gotta get there.” Ahu Tongariki is the largest ceremonial structure in Polynesia.

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