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During the sixth century, Saint Columba followed in the footsteps of the earlier Irish raiders to spread the Celtic Church into Dl Riata (now western Scotland), while in western Wales the Disi settled and helped to form the kingdom of Dyfed.

Ireland was never politically united enough to translate its religious and cultural influence into political power.

Ierne is fairly obviously a mispronunciation of 'Er Inis' or 'Eire Innis' (various spellings are available), meaning 'West Island' in common Celtic. The name remains in use today in its full form - Eireann.

At this time, the land bridge is finally submerged beneath the salt water of the Atlantic Sea.

There were some signs that unity would eventually have come, however.

At various points in its early medieval history, from the eighth or ninth centuries onwards, Ireland was nominally united under the high kings (ard ri) and, but for many incursions by Danes, Normans and the Norman-dominated English, Ireland might have developed into a fully unified single kingdom in the same way as England had in the tenth century.

Claudius Ptolemy in his work Geographia recorded the tribes of Ireland some time in the second century AD.

The island of Ireland prior to this is known mainly from legends gleaned from oral tradition and early writings in which individual tribes are not reliably reported.

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