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I'm a really big fan of Patti Lapone and he and Patti are singing.

He got up and started dancing and singing in front of me and the whole trailer is rocking around and then we both walk out and there's a crowd of people watching, wondering what was going on!

He was joined by huge characters including Katie Hopkins, Perez Hilton, Katie Price, Cami Li, Patsy Kensit, Alicia Douvall, Keith Chegwin, Michelle Visage and Ken Morley.

While in the house, he flirted up a storm with Kirk Norcross' now ex-girlfriend Cami and finished the show in third place.

I chose the smell, I chose the bottle, I chose the packaging, the whole thing." The product proved so popular that the brand decided to commission him two more aftershave products.

If Calum hadn't already got his fingers in enough pies, he decided to try his hand at judging in 2009.

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Now taking part in a new series of Celebs Go Dating, the son of footballer George Best is a notorious ladies' man and now he's a film star too. He's now 36 and relocated from Los Angeles to the UK when he was 21, a move which has given an unusual America-British lilt to his accent.

He also appeared on All Star Family Fortunes with Denise Welch, before vanishing from the public eye.

After six years out of the spotlight, Calum landed a spot on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015.

In the same year his road trip programme was released, Calum launched his own fragrance.

When he released self-titled scent with Jigsaw ESL, he claimed: "I had all the input into the smell.

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