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I have repeatedly made this point to D-Wave over several years, and I hope that in the future their designs will allow more flexibility in the incorporation of error correction.Lidar also clarified that he not only doesn’t dispute what Matthias Troyer told me about the lack of speedup of the D-Wave device compared to classical simulated annealing in their experiments, but “fully agrees, endorses, and approves” of it—and indeed, that he himself was part of the team that did the comparison.In the comments, many people tried repeatedly to change the subject from (*) to various subsidiary questions.For example: isn’t it possible that D-Wave’s current device will be found to provide a speedup on some generation of machines? Should Cathy Mc Geoch have acted differently, in the type of comparison she agreed to do, or in how she communicated about its results?Daniel Lidar emailed me to clarify his views about error-correction and the viability of D-Wave’s approach.

Imagine that this claim was widely repeated in the press as an established fact.Did it make business sense for Google to buy a D-Wave machine? Should have acted differently, in my interaction with Mc Geoch?And, I’m afraid to say, I jumped in to the discussion of all of those questions—because, let’s face it, there are very few subjects about which I don’t have an opinion, or at least a list of qualified observations to make. It would have been better to sidestep all the other questions—not one of which I know the answer to, and each of which admits multiple valid perspectives—and just focus relentlessly on the truth of assertion (*).Instead, Mc Geogh used the time to enlighten the assembled experts about what quantum annealing was, what an exact solver was, etc.etc., then repeated the speedup claims as if the more informative comparisons simply didn’t exist.

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