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He’s not going to say “that text was so witty, I see the light!” or “she’s calling me every day after I broke up with her, what was I thinking?And YOU want to be the girl who loves herself enough to not want to talk to the person who broke your heart. I know you are going to want to stay in bed, watch Someone Like You and eat oreos (well, that is my breakup ritual).And you are entitled to do that for a bit, but then you are just going to have to force yourself to at least do the things you love.Either he will miss you and come back or you will get over it and move on.

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Worst case scenario, he will be distant or not respond at all. Though that actually might be the worst case scenario because while it may feel good in the moment, it will put you 10 steps back and hurt like a bitch later.If he meets someone else and it sticks, the sucky truth is that you really weren't meant be. It’s about trying to move on with your life and adjust to a world without him as opposed to counting the days until you can talk to him again.I really believe that the people who are meant to be in your life somehow end up in your life.Writing is my therapy, but whether you love growing avocados or scuba diving, you need to replace one passion with another.Alcohol is going to be your worst enemy so when you drink, give your phone to your most trusted friend. I really think it’s impossible to not check his page multiple times a day (if you are strong enough to not check his page, I’d like to meet you).

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